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Did you know that your donation to the Red Deer Arts Council is eligible for a charity tax receipt?

Notice is hereby given that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of The Red Deer Arts Council will be held on Friday, March 27th, 2015, from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. in the Snell Auditorium in the downtown branch of the Red Deer Public Library at 4818 49 Street, Red Deer, Alberta.

 Immediately following the AGM, Red Deer Arts Council will host a “Where’s My Tribe?” social from 6:30 to 8:30 pm with entertainment and a mix and mingle event to familiarize yourself with fellow members. Refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome to attend. Memberships may be purchased at the door. General Public are also invited to attend to see what we have been up to!


Our entertainment after the AGM is an exclusive literary reading by Miji Campbell, a writer and teacher, who will be launching her first book, Separation Anxiety: A Coming of Middle Age Story. This is a sneak peek (or listen) to the author before the book is launched. A special treat for all our members and guests! Miji has written for magazines, newspapers and radio. Miji offers writing workshops through her business, Write Where You Are. 

The woman in her book is not famous. The events of her life are not tragic. The setting is not exotic. This is an ordinary story, which makes it an extraordinary memoir.

Miji Campbell grew up in a close-knit family in the 1960s and ’70s. The youngest of three girls, she was raised under her parents’ watchful eye, in a middle-class Calgary suburb called Kingsland. Her life proceeds in an orderly fashion: coming-of-age, university, first job, first apartment—and then suddenly, inexplicably, it begins to unravel. Night after night, Miji wrestles with insomnia and increasing anxiousness. It’s not until middle age that Miji learns she has an anxiety disorder and finds ways to quiet her mind and body. Through acts of courage and grace, she learns to stand—tentatively, hopefully—on her own. Beautifully written, insightful and funny, Separation Anxiety chronicles the pivotal moments in a woman’s life where she lets go of her childhood beliefs about happily ever after, and discovers her true self.

“An honest and courageous memoir. The narrator’s voice sparkles with intelligence, with a sharply observant eye, and with a quirky, wry sense of humour. She charts the ties that bind, sometimes far too tightly, the bond of love between mother and daughter.” —Wendy Donawa, co-author of Reading Canada.

For more information contact Diana Anderson, Coordinator at (403)348-2787

Hours: Monday to Wednesday, 9 am to 4:30 pm


Go to our Performing Arts tab to see the exciting new dance – Family Day Friday Dance

this coming May 8 is the next one!

Did you miss another Facebook update? 

Facebook Image

Facebook Image

Here’s how to fix the problem.

Some people have been asking why they don’t see us on Facebook anymore. In fact, we are posting information on Facebook and Twitter, but with recent changes to Facebook, you might not see them. 

First, because we are a “page,” not a personal timeline, our posts now go to your “Pages Feed.” Look on the left side of your news page, at the bottom of the menu. You’ll see “Pages” and under that, “Pages Feed.” Click on it to open a new newsfeed, with all the posts from us and all the pages you’ve been missing. Annoying, right? (To get back to your regular newsfeed, click on “Home” in the top blue menu.) 

Second, if you would like to be notified whenever we post something, go to our RDAC Facebook page and enable Notifications, move your cursor over where it says “Liked,” and a little menu pops up. Click on “Get Notifications.” Now every time we post, you will see it under “Notifications” on your news page. (Notifications is the little globe on the blue menu bar at the top. A little number pops up beside it every time there’s something for you to notice.) 

Third, you might find you get an annoying email from Facebook whenever you get a Notification. That could happen with anything you get a Notification about, not just us. If you want to make those go away, here’s how -click the little down-arrow in the blue menu bar – the one you click to log out. Just above Log Out, you’ll see “Settings.” Click that to open your General Account Settings. Over on the left you’ll see a menu; find “Notifications” and click on it. That opens your Notification Settings on the right. Under “How You Get Notifications” you will see “Email”; click “Edit.” There you will find a list of 63 options (yes, 63) that you can turn off, to avoid getting all those annoying emails about Notifications.

Special Meeting Notice for Members:

At our special meeting on October 6, 2014, we elected two new members to the board.

It is our pleasure to welcome them both! 
Evan J. Thompson (jazz musician and investment advisor with RBC Dominion Securities) and Andrea Lacoursiere (Marketing and Administration with the Red Deer Museum & Art Gallery).
You will get to know them in the coming months and years!

A New Award for Emerging Artists raises the profile of the Arts in Red Deer! 

The Red Deer Arts Council is excited to announce that it has established an award for emerging artists to support and encourage promising artists, early in their careers, while also serving to raise the Arts profile by stimulating, developing and promoting the arts in Red Deer and Red Deer County. Artists of all genres are encouraged to apply.

 The funds for this award are the result of the Legacy Fund from the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Arts Awards held in June 2013 in Red Deer.  The Red Deer Emerging Artist Award will be awarded every year, beginning in 2014.  The Award consists of $1,000.00, a banner for the artist’s personal promotion and a certificate.

  The awards are not project grants, but are designed to support the unique development needs of emerging artists whether it is supplies further study or experiences, funding to travel for auditions, study or work, or even income replacement for non-arts related employment. Each applicant determines the investment need that would most advance his or her career.

More information on this exciting award can be found on the Scholarships and Awards tab. The award deadline has past. 

Red Deer Arts Council will be presenting our 2014 Scholarships at this year’s Mayor’s Recognition Awards on June 24th, 2014.  See the Scholarship and Awards tab for further information on our winners.

March 20, 2014 was our AGM, with a Where’s My Tribe event! Following the AGM, Tree House Youth Theatre performed scenes from their upcoming production, Sweeney Todd. The kids were amazing! Thanks so much to all of them, and particularly, to Matt Gould, Artistic Director, for his willingness to engage with us in this manner. A mix and mingle continued to familiarize everyone with their fellow RDAC members. We welcome new members at all times! 

Council Board Members at Cafe Bistro on Gaetz

There are still postions available for our committees, if you are seeking to get involved with Arts and Culture in Red Deer. We love to share our work with volunteers and they have a great time helping in various capacities from committees to First Fridays Red Deer. Get involved, join today!

The Programming Committee is seeking volunteers to help with formulating plans for new workshops and events for “Where’s My Tribe” and working with the community to develop and implement workshops and special events geared to arts organizations and artists in Red Deer and area to promote ongoing networking to share knowledge and experience.

The Communications Committee is seeking volunteers to discuss the new Marketing Plan and help with guiding the plan to fruition. If you love Social Media and talking about the arts, this volunteer position is for you!

Contact Diana at 403-348-2787 

The Muskoka Chairs Fundraiser held at Artwalk Festival on June 18, 2011 was a joint fundraiser between RDAC and Artwalk. Unfortunately, rain fell by the bucket load and the Artwalk Committee were forced to close it down by 3:00 pm. They apologized for any inconvenience this caused potential bidders. All the Muskoka Chairs went to good homes. Perhaps one of them showed up in your neighbourhood!

Sharpie by Sally Towers-Sybblis

Sharpie by Sally Towers-Sybblis

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