Office Art

As part of our promotion of the arts, the RDAC hosts individual artists in our office space. Visual art hangs on the walls and changes every 10 weeks; local writers’ books are on our shelves.  Come and have a peek!

The Red Deer Arts Council is pleased to present Corinne Anderton in the office from May 16 to August 2, 2017.


Corinne Anderton Artist Statement

 As a person, my wish is to uplift and bring joy to those around me. Fundamentally, I wish to be of service: to brighten your day.

As an artist, my wish is exactly the same. If you, the beholder, can derive some of the same wonder and joy from my artistic efforts as I did from their creation, then their – and my – purpose is realized.

As a lover of life and its propensity to amaze and delight, I frequently find myself in awe. My work as an artist is about personal discovery of heretofore unexplored mysteries, particularly as relates to interactions of color and texture. I paint out of a fascination with how paint behaves. My focus is on beauty, variety and fun.

I recently heard a prominent and highly-esteemed artist say, of himself and his remarkable body of work, “I just love to make stuff!” So it is for me: I just love to make stuff. Doing that, particularly when it involves color and texture, is an end unto itself. For it to have meaning for others is bonus.

All is well.


Corinne Anderton Biography

Having been raised in rural Saskatchewan (where it is rumored that ‘art’ is a 4-letter word), the sum total of my early art education consisted of an afternoon of group painting in elementary school. My Grade 5 teacher, himself an artist, declared emphatically “Art is an important subject, it should be included in the curriculum, and my students will have the opportunity to do art in school!”, whereupon he set to clearing all desks to the walls, covering the floor with brown craft paper, tossing out brushes and cakes of tempera paint, and commanding, “Okay, now PAINT!”

My next art education commenced when I decided to return to school at age 28, this time to study art for real. Across the country, I went to Mount Allison University in NB, and four years of a BFA program was a blast, but I still did not see art as a serious undertaking. So when that culminated in the birth of the first of my four children, art was relegated to frivolous hobby status for the next 25 years.

Thanks in no small part to the excellent tutelage enjoyed at Red Deer College, I am at last embracing art as a basic need and a calling. Herewith some of the most recent and compelling of my explorations of that understanding.




Corinne’s curriculum vitae is available upon request. Simply phone or email the office and it will be sent to you.

















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