Performing Arts

Friday Family Dance on October 20, 2017

Friday Family Dance Promises Fun for All Ages!

Dancing together is something Canadians have always done to enjoy and connect with one another. Come and celebrate Canada 150 with your family, friends and community at the Friday Family Dance, October 20 at 6:30pm at Festival Hall, 4214-58 St.

Doors open at 6:15 with the DJ starting at 6:30pm and the live band at 7:00pm.

Red Deer Cultural Heritage Society will be selling hot dogs, pie and ice cream! There will be door prizes, including a special prize draw for those buying their tickets online and/or in advance. Help reduce waste by bringing your own water bottle and/or coffee mug.

Friday Family Dances are presented by Country Pride Dance Club, Red Deer Arts Council, Red Deer Cultural Heritage Society and City of Red Deer Culture Services a few times each year. Peavey Mart has been pleased to be a corporate sponsor. These partners have a shared interest in retaining the unique prairie heritage of the multi-generational community dance. They also believe that dance has many physical, mental and social benefits for people of all ages. A fall dance is already in the planning; watch the media for details.

Tickets for the October 20 dance are available at the door or online at $20/family/household of four; $10/adult; $5/youth; 3 years and under free.

For more information contact Rob Ironside, Country Pride, at (403) 403-357-0483 or

Diana Anderson, Red Deer Arts Council, at (403)348-2787




Open Call to Performing and Literary Artists

Red Deer Arts Council’s Performing Arts Committee is holding an open call for music, theatre, dance and literary artists . Submissions will be used to assist in programming and planning of special events during the 2017 calendar year. We are looking for a total of five acts to provide all-ages entertainment in a variety of genres.

Submissions will be assessed based on quality, originality and how best they fit the themes of the Kiwanis Gallery exhibitions for 2017, as well as audience interaction and engagement. This call is open to all, although preference will be given to those artists from Red Deer and Red Deer County residents. All genres are encouraged to submit. There is no fee to submit.

Red Deer Arts Council is committed to fair compensation for creative work. Performance fees may be negotiated based on Red Deer Arts Council’s Minimum Fee Schedule for Musicians & with negotiation with other genres, as appropriate.

The Kiwanis Gallery hosts exhibits in the lower level of the Red Deer Public Library on a rotating basis. The performance times are from 6 to 8 pm or portion thereof. The gallery events of First Friday Red Deer and one Annual General Meeting set the dates.

Click here for the Submission Form/Open Call: Call for Submission for Performing and Literary Artists for 2017

Deadline extended to April 28, 2017

Synopsis of Exhibits:

  1. First Friday Red Deer Opening: August 4 – CottonwoodSky: Paintings by Theresa Potter and Lorene Runham

From beautiful prairie skies to cottonwood trees in their (very – removed) own backyard, these two Olds and area artists are showcasing their complementary artworks and celebrate the joy they find in rural Alberta’s changing seasons.

  1. First Friday Red Deer Opening: October 6 – 2017 ACACA Alberta Spirit Show

The Alberta Community Art Clubs Association is a province wide organization that supports artists in all stages of their development. This is a juried exhibit showcasing the winners of competitions held across the province. Between 20 and 30 works are chosen for the Alberta Spirit Show: the best of the best!

Support Material

Please include the following with your submission form:

  • email and/or hard copy to the arts council with your bio, photo, excerpts from media and audience testimonials. Keep it simple.
  • If available, a copy of audio/video/CD/DVD or web link (YouTube, MySpace, webpage, Facebook, Twitter) relevant to the artist’s current work. Clearly indicate which 5 minutes or two tracks you would like reviewed. If at all possible, give a sense of how you interact with and engage the audience. Literary artists provide reading details.
  • List of recent of future performances or current touring itinerary.

Deadline for submissions is April 28, 2017. Electronic submissions can be emailed to Mailed submissions must be postmarked no later than this date or can be dropped off during regular business hours at Red Deer Arts Council, Suite 110, 4818 50 Avenue, Red Deer, AB, T4N 4A3. Applications received after this deadline will only be considered should performance opportunities still be available, and only successful candidates will be contacted. Artist selection and contract will be completed by January 31, 2017. Arrangements for performance and production details will follow.

Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered, and submission materials will not be returned.

Artist Responsibilities

  • Artists are responsible for any travel arrangements and expenses that are not included in their performance agreement.For more information, call Diana at Red Deer Arts Council, 403-348-2787 or email 

The Performing Arts Committee Chair is Evan Thompson.  They are coming up with great things!  Like the fee schedule below.

To access it in pdf form, click here: Red Deer Arts Council Minimum Fee Schedule for Musicians

 Suggested MINIMUM Fee Schedule for Musicians

July, 2016

The Red Deer Arts Council believes in fair compensation for the creative work of artists and cultural industries. This fee schedule is to provide a guide to musicians and presenters for MINIMUM fees for various types of musical performances and workshops. It has been developed in consultation with a number of musician’s unions and professional organizations, as well as working musicians. Please note that many artists have their own fee schedules and charge higher fees based on skill, experience, expenses and demand for their services. Travel, accommodation, sound equipment and production, meals or other expenses are not included in these fees and should be negotiated in addition to performance fees. This is a dynamic document that may be updated regularly. Contact the Red Deer Arts Council for more information.


Concert – max 3 hours in a venue with capacity of 150 or more

Small concert – max 3 hours in a venue with capacity of less than 150

Opening Act – an emerging or other act who plays a short opening set for the headlining act. If both acts are playing a similar length of time and are of similar skill and experience, this is considered a double bill and they should be paid equal scale.

A concert is a performance of a maximum of 3 hours at which the live music is the main focus of the event. There may or may not be a ticket/cover charge to the audience. The 3 hour time maximum should include set up/tear down and/or sound check. If additional time is needed for these things, a rate of $50.00/hour/musician should be considered.

# of musicians Opening Act

Max 1 hr

Small concert




Solo (1) $75 $200 $300
2 $125 $332 $500
3 $175 $464 $700
4 $225 $596 $900
5 $275 $728 $1100
6 $325 $860 $1300
7 $375 $992 $1500
8 $425 $1124 $1700

Additional musicians based on solo + 66% for each additional musician if it is a leader/side player situation.



Many bands and ensembles operate such that all members share the revenues and expenses equally. In such cases, the fee should be negotiated to allow for this, and may result is slightly higher minimum rates.



Educational situations often include a combination of performance and/or artist talk or clinic working with school ensemble. In these instances the presenter could pay concert rates for the performance piece, plus a minimum of $60.00/hour for the talk/clinic portion.



Within the performer’s community of residence

Engagements where the live music is not the main focus of the event, including: Background Music, Cocktail Lounges, Bars, Cabarets, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Weddings, Receptions, Banquets, Fashion shows, Exhibition Openings, Barbeques, Chamber Music, etc.

# of musicians 3 hrs 3.5 hrs 4 hrs 4.5 hrs 5 hrs
1 $175 $210 $245 $280 $315
2 $300 360 420 480 560
3 $425 $510 $595 $680 $765
4 $550 $660 $770 $880 $990
5 $675 $810 $945 $1080 $1215
6 $800 $960 $1120 $1280 $1440



New Year’s Eve is a premium engagement for musicians, so typically a higher than normal fee is expected. You should expect to pay at least $125.00/hour for the leader and $75.00/hour for each additional musician as a minimum. So for a four piece band for a 3 hour night a minimum fee would be around $1000.00.


(3 or more self-contained groups, production provided, 1 hour or less)

$55.00 each musician (no leaders’ fee)


$225.00/musician/day with additional considerations such as meals, guest passes, accommodation, travel, etc.


Acts from outside of your community need to be compensated for travel time and expenses. These minimum fee percentage increases, mileage allowance and per diems can help you calculate appropriate fees. If the act is touring, the increases should be computed from where they played their previous engagement (if within 36 hours).

  1. up to 65 km – 20% over casual or concert rates
  2. 66 to 160 km – 40% over casual or concert rates
  3. over 160 km – 60% over casual or concert rates

Transportation rate .45¢ per km

Per Diem Rates: Breakfast – $10; Lunch – $15; Dinner – $20



Definition –        (a) two or more consecutive days in the same location for the same presenter

(b) one engagement per week for four or more consecutive weeks in the same location for the same presenter.

# of musicians- fee for each engagement 3 hrs 3.5 hrs 4 hrs 4.5 hrs 5 hrs
1 $150 $180 $210 $240 $270
2 $250 $300 $350 $400 $450
3 $350 $420 $490 $560 $630
4 $450 $540 $630 $720 $810
5 $550 $660 $770 $880 $990


$25.00 for 1/2 hour session for a single student.

For all things performance related and up-to-date information monthly, we suggest you visit The Red Deer Scene online at

Carl Stretton is the publisher and the Scene comes out monthly. It lists as well some of the art galleries and exhibits; music in the clubs, music concerts and events and what’s on at the local theatres (not movies!)  

Since September of 2011, Red Deer Arts Council and Red Deer Scene have partnered in hosting RDAC’s Newsletter as part of the hardcopy Scene, which can be found in various places around the downtown and beyond. Sit down and enjoy a coffee or lunch in one of the restaurants and you will be sure to see the Red Deer Scene there!

Trombone with Andrew Ludtke

Trombone with Andrew Ludtke

Member Theater Groups:

Tree House Youth Theatre:

Central Alberta Theatre

Prime Stock Theatre Company  – this would not pick up the link, so please cut and paste into your browser to go to the website.

Red Deer Players – – this would not pick up the link, so please cut and paste into your browser to go to the website.


The Scott Block  website 

Central Alberta Theatre

Productions are either in the Nickle Studio at CAT Studios (beside the Memorial Centre) – Dinner theatre venue will be announced at a later date.

Red Deer Public Library     First Thursdays in the Snell – provides live music over the lunch hour. Check this link to find out more.      *to link to RDPL’s program guide, published 4 times per year and lists their First Thursdays concerts. 

Performing Arts Festivals:

The following Music Organizations, Dance Organizations and Venues gives a broad view of the performing arts community in Red Deer. Although some of the websites or emails may appear to be cut off, the links are active as they are. WordPress couldn’t accommodate the entire table.

The Performing Arts Committee will be hard at work gathering more names, both organizations and individuals. If you know of someone we missed, please contact the office at 403-348-278. We would be happy to add them to our list. 


Music Organizations phone email/website
Benwood String Ensemble 587-377-3279
Hearts of Harmony 403-742-4218
Red Deer Royals (Community Band Society) 403-346-3911
Red Deer Youth and Community Orchestra 587-998-9453
Wild Rose Harmonizers 403-342-1318
Choral Singers Unite Society 403.309.3032
Red Deer Festival of the Performing Arts 403-392-8820
Alberta Registered Music Teachers Assoc. RD 403.352.8873
Red Deer College Chamber Choir 403-342-3584
RDC Symphonic Winds & Big Jazz Band 403-342-3527
Golden Circle Singers 403-342-4047
Golden Circle Ho-Downers 403-346-5802
 Red Deer Legion Pipe Band 403-782-7183
Dance Organizations phone email/website
ACDA Dance Studio 403-512-7013
Alberta Pattern Dancers 403 343-8936
Bain School of Dancing 403 347-5763 3916 Excter Crescent, Red Deer
Barefoot Dance Productions 403 314-9320
Central Alberta Singles Club 403 341-7653
Red Aces Dance Club 403 835-1284 Karen –
Chair Tease Dance 403 391-2779
Country Pride Dance Club 403 357-0843
The City of Red Deer Culture Service Center 403 309-4757
Daddy Daughter Dance 403 309-7319
Dance Magic Studio 403 309-7319
Dance Traxx Studio 403 346-6777
Dancer’s Edge Studio 403 391-3124
Fanatullen Scandinavian Dance 403 347-5303
Golden Circle Line Dancing 403 343-6074
Golden Circle Square Dancers 403 347-4583
Golden Circle Thursday Night Dances 403 342-2875
Jazzercise Studio 403-318-1059
Joy’s School of Dance 403 227-6363
Kvitka Ukrainian Dance Club 403 392-8535
Lacombe Round Dance Club 403 728-4094
Line Dance Culture Services Centre 403-342-8527
Penhold School of Dance 403 573-2002
Pound It Hip Hop Studio 403 897-7935
Red Deer Scottish Country Dancers 403 343-0975
Strive Dance Academy 403 346-0004

 Town and Country Dance Club  403-728-333
Venues phone email/website
Bo’s Bar & Grill 403 309 2200
East 40th Pub 403 340 1844
Fratters Speakeasy Venue & Restrobar 403 356 0033
The Vat Pub 403 346 5636
The Velvet Olive 403 340-8288
The Westerner 403 343 7800







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