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Join us in Red Deer for a professional development workshop:

Sponsored by Visual Arts Alberta, Culture Services City of Red Deer and the Red Deer Arts Council

Photo Document Your Artwork with Jeff Rodier

Monday, November 2, 2015 at 7:00 pm

A Calgary photographer, Rodier brings a breadth of experience and knowledge of the medium to this workshop, particularly as it applies to documenting artwork. Rodier will demonstrate simple ways of documenting, including works behind glass.

Please RSVP by 4 pm on Friday, October 23, 2015

to Jessie Donald at 403.309.4091 or email

Cultural Services Centre, 3827 – 39 Street, Red Deer

This event is free!


Sponsored by: Red Deer Arts Council, CiRS, United Way of Central Alberta,  and the City of Red Deer

What is Sponsorship Really, Industry Trending and How it Can Make a Positive Bottom Line for your Organization. Held on April 18, 2011 at the Golden Circle.

This session provided participants with understanding of the sponsorship industry in Canada and its most recent trending. The two hour workshop was designed to provide nonprofit and charitable sector organizations from sport, arts, culture, recreation, wildlife, social services, a clear understanding of their opportunities with sponsorship and why it needs to be a critical part of the diversified revenue plan. Session Instructor: Brent Barootes, President of the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists.

Prospecting – Who Should You be Calling On and How Do You Get the Meeting. Held on May 2, 2011 at the Dawe Centre

This highly interactive and participatory workshop session was designed to assist nonprofit and charitable sector organizations from sport, arts, culture, recreation, wildlife, social services and causes to determine who should be on their prospect list. The two hour session worked with front line staff, volunteers and board members on the differences between suspects and prospects. The time also covered how to get the meetings you need and get in the door with these prospects.

Session Instructor: Brent Barootes, President of the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists. You can check his website for details, at or email him at

Brent has worked directly or indirectly for the past 15 years with many Canadian professional and amateur sports teams, nonprofit and charitable organizations as well as major corporations to develop, design, and build effective sponsorship programs. His expertise includes sponsorship valuations and audits, inventory/benefit development, package development, and mentoring of staff and volunteers for both corporations engaging in sponsorship as well as charitable, nonprofit and for profit events and organizations. Brent is an accomplished and regular speaker at conferences and seminars across North America on a variety of sponsorship and related topics.

Red Deer Arts Council, United Way of Central Alberta, and the City of Red Deer Present:

Sponsorship: Building a Proposal That Works

There is more to building a proposal than asking for money and telling the prospect how much you need the sponsor’s money! This half day (four hour) workshop will assist those responsible for building sponsorship proposals in arts, social services, sport, culture, recreation, wildlife organizations and causes, the techniques to building proposals that will result in closed business. If you do not have a 75% or better closing rate for every proposal you present, this session is a “must attend” session. For those who attended previous workshops this is the next step in the process and format to successful sponsorship. But you did not have to attend the other sessions to benefit from this one. It has been specifically designed to be taken even if you have not attended the others in the series.

Red Deer Arts Council, United Way of Central Alberta, and the City of Red Deer Present the last of the Sponsorship Workshops:

Sponsorship: How to Figure out What You Have to Sell Beyond Banners and Logos 

When: March 10, 2012  9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Where: Activity Room #3, G.H. Dawe Community Centre, 56 Holt Street, Red Deer

This is a stand-alone session developed for members of arts, social services, sport, culture, recreation, wildlife and causes sector, and does not require attendees to have attended any past sessions to benefit from the learning. This workshop will help registrants to better understand what they have that is of value to potential sponsors. The session will identify steps to helping you identify such saleable assets. The more identified assets you have within your organization the greater revenue you can reap. This four hour, half day workshop will provide you with tools and procedures to uncover hidden opportunities and assist you in removing “blinders” from your asset identification process.

Session Instructor: Brent Barootes, President of the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists. You can check his website for details, at or email him at

This workshop was brought to you with sponsorship from RDAC and Culture Services, City of Red Deer!

Making ART Your Business with Elyse Eliot-Los

Held September 19, 2011 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm in Culture Services (Multipurpose Room)

This workshop for emerging and mid-career artists offers information on such topics as goal setting strategies, networking, portfolio development and presentation, self-promotion, setting prices, dealing with juried shows, finding the right gallery and alternative exhibition opportunities. Practical advice will be offered regarding contracts for exhibitions and commissions as well as copyright made simple.  The impact of the electronic media and in particular, the Internet will be explored as potential marketing tools.

NOTE: You are encouraged to bring samples of artwork or a portfolio for specific recommendations.

About the instructor:  Elyse Eliot-Los is a professional artist with twenty years experience as an instructor.  As a freelance curator she has previous experience running two public galleries and brings a wealth of information on the exhibition process and how to be successful within the arts community.  Elyse is a graduate of the University of Calgary and the Banff Centre whose works have been widely exhibited in Canada, the US and the Netherlands.

Red Deer Arts Council, City of Red Deer Culture Services are pleased to present an evening of grant workshops for arts  and cultural organizations and individual artists.

When: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

5PM – 6PM – Arts Presenting Information Session for Community Presenting and Arts Festival organizations

6PM – 7PM – City of Red Deer Fee for Service Funding

7PM – 7:30PM – Break

7:30PM – 8:30 PM – ACDI & AFA Individual Project Information Session

Where: Golden Circle Seniors Centre, 4620 – 47A Avenue, Red Deer

Information Descriptions:

5:00 – 6:00 pm: Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grant Information Session for Arts Presenters

Attention Community Presenting and Arts Festivals organizations in the Red Deer area!  The next deadline for applications to the Arts Presenting
stream of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) Arts Organization Operating Grant Program is November 15, 2011. Join Allison Kwan, Arts Development Consultant with the Arts Branch of the Ministry of Culture and Community Spirit, for step-by-step instructions on filling out the new grant application form.

6:00 – 7:00 pm:  City of Red Deer Fee for Service Program

Fee for Service funding is available for Red Deer’s registered not-for-profit cultural groups on an annual basis.  The next application deadline is December 2, 2011 for 2012 funding.  Arts and Heritage focused groups can request funds for operating, operating a facility, cultural special events or festivals and new and emerging cultural activities. Kristina Oberg, Acting Recreation, Parks and Culture Manager for The City of Red Deer will be presenting on the application process and tips for making a strong application. Information on the Fee for Service Funding can be reviewed prior to the
workshop at:

7:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Alberta Foundation for the Arts / Canada Council for the Arts Grant Information Session for Individual Projects

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) Individual Artist Project Grant Program supports Aboriginal Traditional Arts, Dance, Film & Video Arts, Literary Arts, Music, Theatre & Performance Art and Visual Arts & New Media projects.  Information on how to prepare grant applications for individual art production, training and marketing, or research projects will be presented.

Officers from Canada Council for the Arts will also present funding opportunities for artists, including the Alberta Development Initiative Program (ACDI).  The ACDI is a partnership between the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Canada Council for the Arts, in collaboration with the Calgary Arts Development Authority and the Edmonton Arts Council.  The last deadline for applications to the Alberta Creative Development Initiative (ACDI) is November 1, 2011. 

Individual artists, including professional artists, arts administrators and collectives can apply for project specific grants through the ACDI.  Individual artists can apply for a maximum of $15,000 per year.  ACDI grants for individual artists will support research, creation, production and/or dissemination, as well as professional development, including residencies.

Join Al Chapman, Director – Arts Development and Allison Kwan, Arts Development Consultant with Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, Marion Vitrac, Program Officer for ACDI, and William Lau, Program Officer in Dance at Canada Council, to discuss AFA and ACDI individual project grants.

You are encouraged to visit our website prior to the meeting:

Canada Council for the Arts :

Alberta Creative Development

Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Red Deer Arts Council, Red Deer College and the City of Red Deer Presents:

Rock the Books

Small Business Information Seminar for Artists with Janis Richards from Canada Revenue Agency, March 28, 2012 at Culture Services, Red Deer

Red Deer Arts Council presents our Fall 2012 Workshops held in October:

Words & Pictures & Online: Visual Artist Development SeriesA three part series that will provide the participant with tools to create and/or update their artist portfolio.

It begins with the written word which stresses the importance of a cohesive and strong artist portfolio (covers curriculum vitae, artist statements, and biographies) and tips on writing a submission. Every artist also needs to document their 2D & 3D works in a professional manner.  Together these two fundamental components are vital to an artist’s communication to their public. The last session teaches you how to take your art online and covers all the necessary elements of a website, Facebook and Twitter.  This series was designed to progressively build the skills and knowledge needed to create a dynamic portfolio!

Workshop Descriptions:


Portfolio Development for Artists: The Written Word Get the basics down of how to write two types of artist statements and biographies. Keep your curriculum vitae current and correct! This participatory workshop also gives you pointers on writing submissions to galleries and why keeping everything up-to-date is so important for a visual artist. Bring your written work with you or get a start on it here. Class participation is expected.

Facilitator is Diana Anderson, Coordinator for the Red Deer Arts Council


Portfolio Development for Artists: Digital Photo-documentation This 3.5 hour demonstration workshop will introduce the principles and processes of photo-documentation. Participants will learn how to record their 2D artworks and/or 3D objects. Topics to be covered will include: digital point-and-shoot or SLR camera selection, lighting the object, and backdrops. Emphasis will be placed on keeping the process simple and inexpensive—otherwise, it’s not likely to get done!

Join Paul Leathers as he takes you through the process of recording your artwork. You can visit Paul’s website at:

Workshop #3 

Portfolio Development for Artists: An Artists Guide to an Online Presence How do you choose between a Blog and a website? What is the difference between a free blog and a self-hosted blog? Can you use a blog as a website? What do you need on an artist website? How does Facebook and Twitter work to compliment and amplify your online presence? How do you resize images for the web, choose a design, organize content and search engine information? What do you need to know?

Kim Bruce will guide you through the process to help you answer these questions. Kim Bruce …

Public Art 101 Lecture 

January 30, 2013 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, 4818 – 50 Avenue in the Scott Block’s newest venue,  Centennial Stage (access rear courtyard off alley) 

This evening talk is for anyone interested in getting involved in the realm of public art, from the artist applying for public art competitions to those in the community who commission such projects. The guest speakers will discuss the pros, cons, successes, and pitfalls of this exciting career path.  Call 403.3487.2787 for information and to register. Moderator: Pat Matheson, Public Art Coordinator, The City of Red Deer 

Guest Speakers: Dawn Detarando and Brian McArthur of Voyager Art & Tile and Trent Leach of Altered Era Studio

Cost:  $5/RDAC members and $10 non-members. Call the office to register, payment taken at the door. For details, contact the Red Deer Arts Council.

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